Elections are over and now we don’t care for the next four years until the final days of elections and we start to look for a quick summary on a candidate to vote for. I have been this person for the past 8 years. This past US election has been a shocker for me. I am a muslim and it was terrifying to know the impact of single executive order.

I have been always been straight A student ; however, I am knowledgeable and skilled in my own course of study. I didn’t look in to see why I am paying $2500 – $4000  for a single 3-credit class, or where my tuition fee is invested by the university, why we can’t get free college education, where does my tax money go, why do we not  have universal health care, how is US responsible for the current state of Middle east, what is the equation with Russia, etc.

I do not want to be unaware  anymore and therefore, I have made it my goal to learn, understand history and, if at all possible, be a medium of positive change.  I am writing this blog to track my progress and to keep myself motivated. If you are reading my post I would encourage you to comment and share your thoughts. If you are knowledgeable on the subject, I would learn something and if you are not then u will learn something.